Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interesting terms defined

A snargle-fart is the unique art of going to the bathroom to take a shit and while shitting, the shitter vomits simultaneously. This creates an epidemic of major proportions of bio-waste release.

An extra option is that the original shitter has the option of giving head directly after snargle-farting without properly cleansing themselves beforehand.

abc sex

Sex only on Anniversaries, Birthdays and Christmas

crop dusting

Passing gas in a stealth manor, usually while walking through a crowd or a group, so that someone else gets blamed for the stench, or at the very least people besides the assailent must suffer it.
v. farting while walking or running
n. crop duster
When crop dusting does NOT work:
1. on a treadmill (no matter how fast you walk or run)
2. with a strong tail wind
3. with a turnaround - for example, you crop dust while walking with your girlfriend, then she turns around and walks back to look at a display in a storefront window.

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